Thanks to the proliferation of social media, there is no shortage of epic fail videos. Some are cringe-worthy, while others are painful. But for one Navy family, the results of a failed TikTok pregnancy reveal proved both hilarious and heartwarming in equal measure.

Liz Rose Short set out to film her husband, Codie Short, as he reacts to pulling a bun out of the oven in what was supposed to be a playful reference to a metaphor for pregnancy.

Instead, things went awry when she had to run out for an unexpected errand, and her unaware husband turned on the oven, leaving the bread burnt.

When she returned home, her husband, a Navy submariner, was left confused as he held the tiny charred loaf between a pair of tongs.

“Elizabeth,” he says endearingly. “I love you so much. Why would you put a single roll in the oven?”

She responds that it’s not a roll, but rather a bun. The distinction here is crucial, but her husband doesn’t quite put the pieces together.

“We have a bun ... in the oven,” she notes.

Perplexed, he replies that’s not true because he just pulled it out.

Alas, when Liz finally gives up the game and says they’re having a baby, Codie drops the roll and the tongs and rushes to hug her. The video quickly went viral, amassing three million likes since it was posted on Dec. 20.

Now our hearts are as warm as the family’s burnt roll.

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